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Wa‘ahila Ridge Hike.

Thumbnail image of shaded path on Wa‘ahila.

I joined my friend Ryan S. and the Shinnyo-en YA for a hike up Wa‘ahila. Big MAHALO to (Kristin) Adele, David, and the rest of the YA crew for organizing the event and making me feel welcome! :D (Thanks for inviting me RS!!!) I met a lot of super people, had a great time, and got some much needed exercise! I hope to see everyone again. Please click on the photo above to view a gallery of images from that day.

A Stroll Through Golden Gate Park.

Thumbnail image in front of CAoS.

My last Saturday, in California, was spent at Golden Gate Park. I believe the area I was in was specifically called the San Francisco Botanical Gardens. (Not absolutely sure about that though.) The fog rolled in that morning: it was gray, a little chilly — “typical” SF weather (I am told). Definitely not, “lay in the grass and nap”, kind of weather. It was good for photographing colorful plants though. Direct sunlight is actually really bad for vividly saturated colors. More precisely: digital (and analog to a smaller extent) color channels tend to “blow out” much more easily in direct light. Please click the above thumbnail to view the brief photo gallery.

I did more walking than shooting, that day. I wasn’t “in the mood”. It was fun following the Humming Birds though. Once I figured out which calls were theirs, it was pretty easy to figure out where they were / would be. Getting my focus was another story however.

The California Academy of Sciences (CAoS) was a mad house that day! The front of the building was as close as I dared get. (Plus I waited till closing time.) ;) I have a 360 pano to follow up this post. Please keep an eye out for it.

Tacos and Roses.

Thumbnail image of Viva Taqureia menu.

More from San Jose (ie: I have been slacking off). Viva Taqueria has some excellent traditional Mexican food! I had a six pack of soft tacos. The lengua (beef tongue) was the best. After lunch I went for a walk in the municipal rose garden. It was nice. Lots of different rose types and hybrids. I found the spiders to be much more interesting though. :wink:

Yosemite Weekend: Day 2 (final).

Thumbnail image of Camp Curry, Yosemite Valley.

Our stay in Yosemite was very short. We only spent one night in Camp Curry. We managed to get a “tent cabin” during a very busy and crowded time in the park. It was fun and reminded me of kid time summer camp (360 spherical to follow soon). Next time it is all about renting an RV OR planning far enough in advance to reserve a camp site, where we may pitch our own tent. ;)

We wanted to leave the park before “rush hour” so we did not explore too far. After breakfast we went for a leisurely walk along the Merced River. We made the short loop along Northside Drive to Southside Drive. (Please click on the image above for a brief photo gallery.) Highlight of that morning was soaking our feet in the very cold water of the Merced.

It was a relatively hectic weekend but still nice. It was a very good scouting trip for future visits. I have a ton of 360 spherical panorama’s to share — most in Yosemite but not all. Unless something better comes along, they will constitute my future blog posts for the next week or so. Please come back. :)

Lick Observatory.

Thumbnail image of Lick Observatory.

I went the distance today and drove the rest of the way up Mount Hamilton. Well, at least up to the Lick Observatory. The road was very winding: lots of switch backs. According to the curator of the Observatory gift shop, there are more than 600 turns! Not sure if that is one way or two but it was a ‘frikken’ lot!! I saw a bunch of motorcyclists and (believe it or not) more than a few bicyclists — amazing. The Observatory is a little more than 4,000 feet above sea level. The view is quite nice but not spectacular. Apparently, the original dome and 36″ refracting telescope were built as a legacy project for Mr. James Lick. He wanted it to be seen by everyone in town. The unfortunate side effect is sub-prime telescope observing due to light pollution from the Santa Clara Valley, only 4K feet, below. It was a very nice drive and neat learning experience. (Please click on the image above to view a small image gallery.) :)

Oahu, Fire in the Sky.

Magic Island sunset thumbnail image.

What a great weekend! I hope everyone else can say the same. Chad and I were photo haunting the Ala Moana –> Waikiki waterfront again. The weather was quite good. I have come to the conclusion that I really enjoy a good amount of clouds in the sky. (Of course that will all change once I need it to be cloudless… ;~) We situated ourselves Diamond Head of the Hilton Lagoon to view the fireworks, this time. I was very pleased with the results (despite the postcard-ish kitsch). Please click on the image above to view a brief gallery of selected images from last Friday evening. Save the B&W, all images are out of camera JPEG’s. PS effects are limited to resize and copyright stamp. I wish everyone a great week, aloha! :D

Makapu’u Sunrise.

Thumbnail image of Makapuu sunrise.

I have fallen behind with my blogging and I apologize to my readers. It has been rather hot lately. My home office work area is in the worst part of the house — for the summer heat. I spend as little time there as possible these days. ;)

Here is a small gallery, with photos, from February of this year. We walked up Kamehame Ridge, over looking Makapu’u, to catch the pre-dawn and sunrise vista. The colors were pretty good. But the best part of that day was breakfast! We ate at Jack’s in the Aina Haina Shopping Center. I had the fresh fish omelet and a fresh baked biscuit. Both were excellent! (Sorry, no photos.) That was a good day. :D