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My favorite travel destination!

D3, WOO!!!

D3 just out of the box.

I found it! I had to come all the way to Japan to do it but I finally got my hands on a Nikon D3!! I had been into every single Yodobashi and BIC camera from Okinawa to Fukuoka and no one had it…not even a demo model! But of all places, here in Hiroshima, on Hondori, inside of a DeoDeo CompuMart, I found one! The salesman was so happy that I asked about the camera that he gave me a super deal on it! I guess it didn’t hurt to mention that I was from Hawaii also. :-p The photo above was taken with my–now–second banana D2X.

My initial photos with the D3 show superb high ISO performance! Auto ISO allows me to set H2 as my threshold, unlike the D2X which stopped at the default 800 ISO. But I have not needed to use the H1 and H2 marks in normal night time shooting! With my 50mm f/1.4 the highest I needed to go (ISO wise) is 6400 and that was at f/2.8! Colors are another story however…Now I know why Nikon posted “D2X color mode” tweaks on their website. I dunno if it is the result of 3D color metering or what but background colors seem to fall in weird places along the gamut. I have to do a lot more testing and post processing before I apply the new camera to work situations. More later…

On the road…Okinawa, etal.

Hey everyone, Ryan and I made it safely to Japan. We got here on Nov. 28th. But this is the first chance I have had to sit down and write–not a bad thing, but I am ready to just take it easy at the onsen tomorrow. I have a bunch of photos but only pulled a hundred or so for you all to view. The only post processing I ran was the resize and copyright stamp. (I can’t wait to get my hands on a D3!!!)

Thank you to our friends in Okinawa for the awesome food and great fun! I really have a lot more to say about our trip so far but I am just too tired spend more time typing… ;-) While you are waiting for my full write up here is a link to the gallery of images I have collected so far:

2007 Autum: Okinawa, Fukuoka, Kumamoto…

Enjoy and I promise I will write more and post more pics…sooner or later. (^^;;)

Ramen ‘aisu’???

[Lifted from Danny Choo] Ok, the people of Tokyo have gone too far!!!

New fangled ramen…

I guess it was bound to happen…They are starting to put ice cream and other ‘dessert’ type things into your ramen. ;-@ I guess it is tasty because people in Tokyo are eating it…then again…who said Tokyo people have good taste?! LOL–I KEED I KEED–jyoudan da yo!! I will try anything once, so I think I will swing by that ramen-ya next Spring, when I am in Tokyo for the P.I.E. (Photo Imaging Expo).

Tokyo Big Sight Convention Center.

Tokyo Big Sight, one of the more unusual architectural features of Odaiba. Photo: Courtesy of Wikipedia. I’ll have some of my own photos after next March! ;-)