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My fascination with insects.

Update: Bugz Gallery.

Click to view updated gallery.All this talk about macro photography inspired me to explore the backyard the other day. I found an Agraulis vanillae caterpillar munching away at the leaves of a passiflora vine growing near my fish pond. The caterpillar was just over an inch long but within 15 minutes it managed to devour an entire passiflora leaf which was 3 times as large. WHAT A PIG–LOL! ;-) Please click on the thumbnail to be taken to the updated gallery.

Here come the bugz!

Okay, as I promised in this morning’s post, I have put together a photo gallery of some of my macro photography. As the title states, they are photos of bugs. If you hate bugs, do not view the gallery…stop here.

For the rest of us bug-lovers, I present to you ;-) :

“Backyard Safari”: Scott’s Bugz!

**Oh, wait! Before you view the gallery, I need to give you some basic info. I use Airtight Interactive’s SimpleViewer to auto generate my flash photo galleries. There are three ways to navigate in the gallery: 1) click through the thumbnails on left, 2) click on “forward” or “back” arrows (superimposed on the large images), OR 3) click through the gallery (forward or back) with your scroll wheel!!! By far the coolest aspect of SimpleViewer galleries is this one feature…scroll wheel browsing–BRILLIANT! Ok {end advertisement} please proceed to the gallery. :-) **