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My favorite time of day — night.

Mars rounds Polaris.

Star trails at night.

The sky was very clear the other night, perfect for star trails! Mars is the very bright streak on the right side of the above photo. I got really lucky with this first image! In the upper left corner you can barely see three faint streaks running perpendicular to the stars. I am not sure exactly what they are but they took approximately 90 seconds to travel the recorded paths. (Maybe iridium flares from orbiting satellites?) Below you can see Polaris at the center of the star trails. It looks like a stationary point but it is not true celestial North so there is a little bit of wobble.

Polaris and star trail rings.

Ala Wai Moonrise.

Moon rising over Ala Wai Yacht Harbor.

We were out on Wednesday night for a quickie shoot. My original plan was to explore the yacht harbor and moorings but my timing was off. I was a little late. This area is probably one of the most overly photo’d on the island of Oahu. BUT, it was still a beautiful sunset and moonrise – I never get tired of those. ;)

This image was made by doing a “vert-o-rama” with a Nikkor 28mm Perspective Control lens: my most favorite lens for serious landscape shooting.

Enjoying the Oahu Sights at Night.

Thumbnail image of white truck under starry sky.

I was out photo haunting, again, last night: near Sandy Beach, on the SE side of Oahu. I got this 360 pano’ at the scenic point closest to the firing range. I did several of these but decided to show this one. (Click on the image above to view the 360 pano’ in Flash.) I have already thought of several improvements and hope to implement them sooner than later. ;) Enjoy and please come back again soon.

Oahu, Fire in the Sky.

Magic Island sunset thumbnail image.

What a great weekend! I hope everyone else can say the same. Chad and I were photo haunting the Ala Moana –> Waikiki waterfront again. The weather was quite good. I have come to the conclusion that I really enjoy a good amount of clouds in the sky. (Of course that will all change once I need it to be cloudless… ;~) We situated ourselves Diamond Head of the Hilton Lagoon to view the fireworks, this time. I was very pleased with the results (despite the postcard-ish kitsch). Please click on the image above to view a brief gallery of selected images from last Friday evening. Save the B&W, all images are out of camera JPEG’s. PS effects are limited to resize and copyright stamp. I wish everyone a great week, aloha! :D

2009: Honolulu Festival.

Thumbnail for Honolulu Festival image gallery.
This past weekend, Chad and I photographed the 15th annual, Honolulu Festival. Over all it was very good! (Minus the inconsiderate folks who stood in the streets and blocked the view of those — following the rules — sitting on the side walk!) I applaud all the participants who performed all the way from Saratoga Rd. to Kapiolani Park — it is not easy. Although the ladies from Sonoda High and Nittai-Dai were especially energetic!! Both had nicely choreographed performances. The young ladies from Sonoda High are the ones in the blue cowboy hats. Chad thinks the whole school came down for this — I believe it. They easily stretched a quarter mile from start to finish!

The ladies from Nittai-Dai (Nippon Sports Science University) are the cheer leaders (my shots are black and white). They were incredible! As far as I could tell, they were doing their full routine the whole way down Kalakaua Ave. This included two and three tiered human pyramids — with some pretty nuts tossing and catching of fellow cheer mates!!! In my eyes, they were clearly the “official” winners (all who participated are winners).

No money involved (this time) but it was excellent practice. Now we have a good idea of best position and equipment preparation. Next time will be better … ;)

More Starry Skies.

Sirius and the Milky Way.

I was so excited about actually seeing Lulin that I posted that image out of sequence. We actually started our star gazing in the fields of Wahiawa. Usually a great place to view the night sky but that night was far too cloudy (at the time we arrived). We continued on to Mokuleia — clouds or not, it is much darker out there. Sure enough, the sky was star studded! Venus was clearly visible and lit up the western most sky, over Kaena Point (not pictured). Unfortunately, the clouds caught up with us and made viewing rather frustrating. Oh and let me not forget the constant 30 MPH BLAST of wind from the ocean!

Despite the less than prime conditions, we did manage to get off a few shots. The photo above shows the Milky Way reasonably well (as well as our nimboid nemesis). The exposure was 30 seconds. Earth rotation is clear, pixel peeping, at 100%. But as I was shooting at 24mm, the stars appear still in this web sized example. Below is a demonstration of a 56.5 minute exposure.

Star trails for nearly an hour.

Certainly not the greatest of star trail images. But, I am just glad that I was able to get something out of the trip. These semi-successful photo junkets are actually more valuable than one would think. We were able to really torture test our methods, equipment, and even our clothes / footwear. Field testing is often much more valuable than the images we capture. :)