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Oahu, Fire in the Sky.

Magic Island sunset thumbnail image.

What a great weekend! I hope everyone else can say the same. Chad and I were photo haunting the Ala Moana –> Waikiki waterfront again. The weather was quite good. I have come to the conclusion that I really enjoy a good amount of clouds in the sky. (Of course that will all change once I need it to be cloudless… ;~) We situated ourselves Diamond Head of the Hilton Lagoon to view the fireworks, this time. I was very pleased with the results (despite the postcard-ish kitsch). Please click on the image above to view a brief gallery of selected images from last Friday evening. Save the B&W, all images are out of camera JPEG’s. PS effects are limited to resize and copyright stamp. I wish everyone a great week, aloha! :D

Makapu’u Sunrise.

Thumbnail image of Makapuu sunrise.

I have fallen behind with my blogging and I apologize to my readers. It has been rather hot lately. My home office work area is in the worst part of the house — for the summer heat. I spend as little time there as possible these days. ;)

Here is a small gallery, with photos, from February of this year. We walked up Kamehame Ridge, over looking Makapu’u, to catch the pre-dawn and sunrise vista. The colors were pretty good. But the best part of that day was breakfast! We ate at Jack’s in the Aina Haina Shopping Center. I had the fresh fish omelet and a fresh baked biscuit. Both were excellent! (Sorry, no photos.) That was a good day. :D

Summer has come to Hawaii.

Oahu seascape with green sea turtle basking.

Well, it seems that Summer has come to Hawaii. No more big surf, the NE trade winds are more often “variable”, and the days are getting longer. This is perfect “beach weather” but I have been spending more time indoors. Lately, I spend time on the internet looking for the next place I want to travel to! (・3・) Most people think I am crazy for wanting to “get away” from Hawaii. But, imagine where you live your normal — day-to-day — life… It is human nature to want to get away from “teh ordinary”.

Maybe I should try to be more like this Honu (海亀,Sea Turtle). Most animals don’t worry too much about traveling to unfamiliar places (besides for mating and feeding). They do what they have to do in order to survive. I guess humans are lucky (unlucky) enough to know the difference between survival and luxury. Maybe from now on I should adopt “turtle nature” way of life! (^3^)

Dusk: Baker Beach, San Francisco.

HDR image of Golden Gate from Baker Beach @ dusk.

Above is an HDR (high dynamic range) composition from a series of 7 photos captured at Baker Beach, on the north western shore of San Francisco. The raw images have been stewing since last Thanksgiving. I’m still exploring the HDR process — certainly have not mastered it yet. I found the ethereal quality of this particular compilation to be quite attractive. Visually, it is far from reality but the impression it conveys, I feel, is far more powerful.

Valentine’s Day: Sunrise.

Black and White sunrise, Kaneohe.

After some time in the “digital darkroom”, here is my favorite image from our Valentine’s Day sunrise shoot. Part of the magic (for me) was dug up in my film equipment storage case. I rediscovered and implemented a forgotten treasure: the Nikkor 20mm f/3.5 AIS.

I am usually a sucker for pretty colors; this image was screaming to be “Ansel Adams~ized”. I am not sure I do the master justice by calling it that … but I am pleased with how it turned out (I might actually print this one.) ;)


Image: Downtown Honolulu, Hope for the Holidays.

“Hope springs eternal” … Things may seem to be pretty bad lately. (Not to be a total downer but they ARE going to get worse.) I have hope however. The new year is just around the corner. With it comes new opportunities (as long as you are looking for them — heads up). I am very hopeful for my own little slice of life. :) I plan to do more traveling and portfolio building in 2009, so please keep an eye out for those posts and galleries.

Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much) and best wishes to all in the new year! (^_^)V

Kakaako, Winter, Sunset.

I am still going through my photos from NorCal (20 gigs worth!) so here is a “Kakaako Quickie” gallery of images that I got the other day, after work. Please click the thumbnail image to view the simpleviewer gallery.

I had a shoot on board the “Ala Kai”, Hawaii’s inter island Super Ferry. The shoot ran longer than I planned. So, I decided to stay “in town”, rather than fight the 4PM traffic to go home. Best idea I have had in a long time!

I made my way over to Jamba Juice, Ward. I ordered my usual “Orange Dream w/ energy boost”, sat down, and relaxed in air conditioned comfort — not bad for 5 bucks (cost of my smoothie). Oh yeah, they have WiFi access too! ;~) (Actually, it originates from Starbucks’ AT&T mobile hotspot.) It is not free but there are ways. If you have a compatible WiFi NIC, the RoadRunner Speedzone is also available (anyone with a circa 2006 Broadcomm mobile wireless NIC — like me — is out of luck).

About an hour before sunset I crossed the street and began my short photo exploration of Kakaako Waterfront Park. That “ground snorkel” is meant to release any gaseous build up due to the decomposing garbage which lay below the rolling green hills of the park — oh you didn’t know? Kakaako Waterfront Park is built on a garbage dump — landfill, as they like to call it. I’m not “dissing” the place. I think that is an awesome reclamation of an otherwise stinky dump! But I thought I would mention it, for those who may be wondering.

I eventually parked my butt on the break wall, just Ewa of Point Panic. The colors of the sunset were pretty awesome that night. Afterward, I met up with the guys and we had dinner at Goma-ichi Ramen. Their Wakame, Tan Tan Men, hit the spot! (Sorry no photos — too busy eating.) ;) What would have been a normal work day / frustrating commute, turned out to be an excellent experience of nature’s colors and good food. We should all learn to fight traffic, in this way. :-D