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A pseudo 3D projection method for ultra wide field of view photographs.

Meanwhile, on Little Planet Sakura… ;~)

Little planet projection of sakura landscape.

I’ve noticed this particular stereographic projection method for a while but only recently started to play around with it. The effect is pretty neat! (I gotta admit my inspiration came from far braver and more talented shooters seen on Flickr.) :oops: So far the most interesting “planets” come from compositions with tall vertical objects very near or not too distant from the camera. Realistically, you are only limited by your imagination. There are many options to play around with!

Anyhow, please click on the image above to view a 360 spherical panorama captured on the grounds of Hikone Castle. Lake Biwa is off to the left. But the haze obscured much of the distant vista. As told to us by a very nice elderly couple — and quite apparent by our own eyes — we were super lucky to be visiting at the peak of the Sakura bloom AND have perfect weather (Sakura mankai mieta — kansei deshita)!