Beautiful Night Sky.

Full moon and nebulous clouds.The moon was full last night. But due to less than “ideal” viewing, I decided to take a departure from my standard documentary astronomy. The air was very still. (“Kona weather” is what we call it.) As a result there was a continuous layer of patchy clouds that lingered, long after moonrise. In addition, the vog –from increased Kilauea activity– wrapped everything in a haze. However, all that moisture and particulate matter –combined with the light of the full moon– made for a most incredible nebulous effect of light, color, and texture.

Full moon with textured nebulous clouds.This second image is my favorite from last night’s departure. The color and texture of the clouds on the bottom edge captivate me. (Reason for my repositioned watermark — the original image orientation is vertical.) I just couldn’t bring myself to cover up the most interesting part of my composition. Although, after looking at it for a while, I think I will crop the top edge a little. ;-)