Waikiki: night walk.

Link to Waikiki photo gallery.
Hey everyone! It sure has been a while since I last wrote in my blog. Recently, I have simply avoided the computer — unless it was absolutely necessary. It is like a blackhole, time and space get sucked in and only God knows what is on the other side. :-P

A wonderful side effect of my computer avoidance has been a new found wealth of time — to get out and do some photography. “The Guys” and I have been on three very cool photo walks in the last month! I just posted some pics from our most recent walk through Waikiki, at night. Please click on the photo link on the left to view the gallery in SimpleViewer. Actually there is a lot more in the gallery than just Waikiki. I drove into town early to avoid traffic. So, to kill some time, before meeting with the guys, I stopped at KCC. The cactus garden there is a very nice place to photograph. In addition to the interesting plant life, the bromeliad patch is infested (in a good way) with Phelsuma laticauda or the Gold Dust Day Gecko.

Enjoy this gallery and I’ll write again (eventually) with more galleries and QTVR’s from two more photo walks. Aloha! ;)

4 thoughts on “Waikiki: night walk.

  1. Fred Lewis

    Hey there Scott – nice to see you blog’n again and nice to see some shots of Ryan et al having a little grub and suds at the end of a walkabout…

    Had SNOW in Sapporo this morning – not anything like the last time you were here though…

    Nice shots in the latest gallery – inspires (?) me to get out and shoot a little for myself…

  2. Catie Kanoa

    Thanks so much for helping me order prints from your night at Sans Souci. I am excited to see the photo!! I will keep checking your site for picture updates.

  3. stk Post author

    @Fred: Thanks for reading Fred! Man, ever since “Fall” has come (whatever that means in Hawaii…) I have had this huge hankering for some genuine Sapporo Ramen!!

    How does the new car handle in the snow? I was this >< close to buying a used '04 Audi Allroad Quattro -- the guy was gonna dump the thing for $12k! But then reason prevailed and I realized that his service warranty had run out. With 64,000 miles on the ODO a major service point was just around the corner -- probably would have cost another $5-6k for the parts and labor. :( Besides, what do i need AWD for in Hawaii??? ;~) Catch you later man! -Scott

  4. stk Post author

    @Catie: Mucho mahalos for the print order Catie!!! I am sorry that i did not have more shots for you to choose from. I will be in touch soon. :D


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