Kakaako, Winter, Sunset.

I am still going through my photos from NorCal (20 gigs worth!) so here is a “Kakaako Quickie” gallery of images that I got the other day, after work. Please click the thumbnail image to view the simpleviewer gallery.

I had a shoot on board the “Ala Kai”, Hawaii’s inter island Super Ferry. The shoot ran longer than I planned. So, I decided to stay “in town”, rather than fight the 4PM traffic to go home. Best idea I have had in a long time!

I made my way over to Jamba Juice, Ward. I ordered my usual “Orange Dream w/ energy boost”, sat down, and relaxed in air conditioned comfort — not bad for 5 bucks (cost of my smoothie). Oh yeah, they have WiFi access too! ;~) (Actually, it originates from Starbucks’ AT&T mobile hotspot.) It is not free but there are ways. If you have a compatible WiFi NIC, the RoadRunner Speedzone is also available (anyone with a circa 2006 Broadcomm mobile wireless NIC — like me — is out of luck).

About an hour before sunset I crossed the street and began my short photo exploration of Kakaako Waterfront Park. That “ground snorkel” is meant to release any gaseous build up due to the decomposing garbage which lay below the rolling green hills of the park — oh you didn’t know? Kakaako Waterfront Park is built on a garbage dump — landfill, as they like to call it. I’m not “dissing” the place. I think that is an awesome reclamation of an otherwise stinky dump! But I thought I would mention it, for those who may be wondering.

I eventually parked my butt on the break wall, just Ewa of Point Panic. The colors of the sunset were pretty awesome that night. Afterward, I met up with the guys and we had dinner at Goma-ichi Ramen. Their Wakame, Tan Tan Men, hit the spot! (Sorry no photos — too busy eating.) ;) What would have been a normal work day / frustrating commute, turned out to be an excellent experience of nature’s colors and good food. We should all learn to fight traffic, in this way. :-D