Call of the wild.

Zebra and giraffe stroll.
We were up early on Saturday (yes, Valentine’s day) to photograph the sunrise. As far as sunrises go, it was nice — but not spectacular. Still, it felt good to be up and out before dawn (and not driving to work). I am not normally a morning person but I have to admit, it feels nice to have the entire day to look forward to. Of course it is relative to what you have to look forward to … For me it was breakfast! I seldom eat a proper, sit down, breakfast so I relish the opportunity when it presents itself. ;) We ended up eating at Zippy’s and I had the, recently re-released, chili loco moco! It was very good. Exactly what you would imagine: Zippy’s chili w/ rice, a hamburger patty, and an egg cooked to order.

We finished our meal around 10:30am and had the rest of the day ahead of us. “What should we do now?” The trades were very strong out of the east so we chose to head leeward. My photo partner had a brilliant idea, “let’s go to the zoo.” BRILLIANT!

I hadn’t been to the Honolulu Zoo in years. The entrance fee was very reasonable: $4 for local residents (13 and up) w/ ID. A lot has changed, for the better. The updated habitats seem much more animal friendly. The cages, fences, and glass are frustrating but of course they are necessary (for the safety of the animals, as well as our own). The star attraction, now, are the three new (born Sept. 2008) tiger cubs! It is awesome; they have the three cubs displayed in the main tiger enclosure along with their mother. The best part: the cubs are rambunctious and show no fear of humans. They are very easy to observe and photograph! I wish the chain link fence were not there but I shudder to think what mom might do (to us) without it. Please click on the image (at top, left) to view a small gallery of images from the zoo. Enjoy!