More Starry Skies.

Sirius and the Milky Way.

I was so excited about actually seeing Lulin that I posted that image out of sequence. We actually started our star gazing in the fields of Wahiawa. Usually a great place to view the night sky but that night was far too cloudy (at the time we arrived). We continued on to Mokuleia — clouds or not, it is much darker out there. Sure enough, the sky was star studded! Venus was clearly visible and lit up the western most sky, over Kaena Point (not pictured). Unfortunately, the clouds caught up with us and made viewing rather frustrating. Oh and let me not forget the constant 30 MPH BLAST of wind from the ocean!

Despite the less than prime conditions, we did manage to get off a few shots. The photo above shows the Milky Way reasonably well (as well as our nimboid nemesis). The exposure was 30 seconds. Earth rotation is clear, pixel peeping, at 100%. But as I was shooting at 24mm, the stars appear still in this web sized example. Below is a demonstration of a 56.5 minute exposure.

Star trails for nearly an hour.

Certainly not the greatest of star trail images. But, I am just glad that I was able to get something out of the trip. These semi-successful photo junkets are actually more valuable than one would think. We were able to really torture test our methods, equipment, and even our clothes / footwear. Field testing is often much more valuable than the images we capture. :)