2009: Honolulu Festival.

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This past weekend, Chad and I photographed the 15th annual, Honolulu Festival. Over all it was very good! (Minus the inconsiderate folks who stood in the streets and blocked the view of those — following the rules — sitting on the side walk!) I applaud all the participants who performed all the way from Saratoga Rd. to Kapiolani Park — it is not easy. Although the ladies from Sonoda High and Nittai-Dai were especially energetic!! Both had nicely choreographed performances. The young ladies from Sonoda High are the ones in the blue cowboy hats. Chad thinks the whole school came down for this — I believe it. They easily stretched a quarter mile from start to finish!

The ladies from Nittai-Dai (Nippon Sports Science University) are the cheer leaders (my shots are black and white). They were incredible! As far as I could tell, they were doing their full routine the whole way down Kalakaua Ave. This included two and three tiered human pyramids — with some pretty nuts tossing and catching of fellow cheer mates!!! In my eyes, they were clearly the “official” winners (all who participated are winners).

No money involved (this time) but it was excellent practice. Now we have a good idea of best position and equipment preparation. Next time will be better … ;)