On the road…Okinawa, etal.

Hey everyone, Ryan and I made it safely to Japan. We got here on Nov. 28th. But this is the first chance I have had to sit down and write–not a bad thing, but I am ready to just take it easy at the onsen tomorrow. I have a bunch of photos but only pulled a hundred or so for you all to view. The only post processing I ran was the resize and copyright stamp. (I can’t wait to get my hands on a D3!!!)

Thank you to our friends in Okinawa for the awesome food and great fun! I really have a lot more to say about our trip so far but I am just too tired spend more time typing… ;-) While you are waiting for my full write up here is a link to the gallery of images I have collected so far:

2007 Autum: Okinawa, Fukuoka, Kumamoto…

Enjoy and I promise I will write more and post more pics…sooner or later. (^^;;)

4 thoughts on “On the road…Okinawa, etal.

  1. dE

    Man, those are some great photos, as usual :) The one thing I really miss about Japan is THE FOOD. Man, I don’t think I had a bad meal there, even when we were choosing random places off the street… and you haven’t had real ramen until you’ve had it in Japan.

    Haha, do they still have that entertainer’s super school in Okinawa (the one that spit out all those Tetsuo Komuro groups back in the mid-90s)?

  2. stk Post author

    Hey dE, dude, thanks for checking out my pics! The food has been excellent, like you said, cannot go wrong…except if you make the mistake of eating at Yoshinoya…that is some nasty ass Gyu-don!!!

    I dunno about that super school for entertainers…was it something that used to be advertised everywhere? If so, then it may have died down.

    Dude, is your blog still up? I can’t get to the page anymore.

  3. dE

    doh! WP ate my comment the first time around because I forgot to put in my name and email…

    Anyways, I’m surprised Yoshinoya survives in Japan! Their gyudon is way below par, and pretty much every place out there has something much better. When I was up there, it was tough for us to find a bad place to eat.

    Even McDonalds was good! Haha, they had a shrimp burger similar to the Filet-O-Fish called the EbiFry. It was actually pretty good!

    Yup that super school is called Okinawa Actors School and it’s in… Ginowan (I had to look it up… I couldn’t remember where it was and kept thinking “Gyu–“).

    Nope, man, the blog is down! My host had a major crash and the DNS is gone. His server seems partially up though, so maybe sometime in the future it will be restored.

    Dayamn, how much did you drop for the D3??

  4. stk Post author

    Yeah man…Yoshinoya is one of those crazy Japanese business enigmas! Although when we were in Nagoya there was a Yoshinoya on the corner, near our hotel…that place was always full of taxi cab drivers and (what I thought were) male escorts. It all sort of makes sense.

    We did not eat at a McDonalds…in fact, I don’t think I ever have while in Japan. I am curious though. I’ll make it a point to eat there at least once on my next trip. Ebifurai burger, you say? I’ll give that one a go, sounds good.

    Our last day in Okinawa was based in Ginowan but we didn’t hang out there, just our hotel, so I have no idea if the school is still going stong. I saw an “Anniversary Greatest Hits” compilation for TRF at HMV though so I am guessing TK is only cashing in on re-releases now…(that bastard) LOL! Man, what ever happened to Kahala Tomomi???

    AIYA! Keep us posted on your website and blog status…dead server, JESUS H. CHRIST!

    Um…considering the fact that I had to go to Japan to get the D3…I paid, WAY more than I should have…shoganai na…

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