Spring 2009: Nagoya, Osaka, et al.

Spring 2009 Japan Gallery Thumbnail.
Whew — another journey, successfully, completed! :) This time we were so lucky, we finally saw areas of full blooming Sakura!!! (Actually, I have been lucky every year — this one was a long time coming though.) We also got to spend some serious quality time with friends and family. Everything we saw, ate, and did was made even more special because Ryan and I were able to initiate a new member into our little travel club. (We are officially a gang now! IE: 3 or more people.) ;)

The cake topper to all of our wonderful experiences was an encyclopedic amount of knowledge. Not only culture and current events but photographic as well. We learned a great deal about our own particular shooting styles AND how to pack / travel accordingly. No amount of reading nor conversation can teach that — you gotta do it. I’m itching to go again, just so we can test that knowledge! (^^)

Again, I carried my laptop with me but made the conscious decision NOT to spend time blogging or editing photos. It was there mainly for data backup and the convenience of email / Skype in my room. Technically, I could have done without it — Ryan and Chad did. (Although they did have their WiFi smart phones instead.) *Sigh*, one more piece of travel gear to optimize for next time.

Anyhow, please click on the image above to view my gallery of selected images from this trip. The edit came out to be 495 images. I definitely could have trimmed more fat but then that would have sacrificed some of the flavor. Forgive my lack of detailed preface — those stories belong to my travel companions and I. They are ours to relish; yours to be curious about. (But ask me if you see me IRL, I am always happy to talk story!) :cool: