Autum 2007: Southern & Central Japan.

Click to view my images--WEE!!! I finally went through all of my vacation images and pulled about 400 (or so) for y’all to view. All of the images should be in chronological order. Throughout January I will be cherry picking notable experiences and writing about them in detail.

For now please take a look at the images I have selected (I did not edit much out). All images were captured with Nikon digital SLR cameras and Nikkor ‘glass’. Sharp eyed photo-philes should be able to pick out my D3 images (hint: color saturation).

Please click on my drawing @ left to open a link to the new image gallery. As always comments and constructive criticism are very welcome. Happy Holidays to you all and I’ll ‘see’ you next year! :-D

2 thoughts on “Autum 2007: Southern & Central Japan.

  1. dE

    Sweet photos dude!

    Haha, did you go to that Toyota Matrix place? We went to one in Odaiba and they had a “simulation” theater running a modified version of Gran Turismo off a PS2.

    Basically, it demo’d the Suzuka track in a moving theaters (a la Star Tours).

    Anyways, here’s my temp site!

  2. stk Post author

    Nice, thanks for checking out my pics dE! There are a bunch of them so I know it took some time to “flip” through. AW man…we went to the Nagoya, Toyota-shi, Toyota kaikan (basically Toyota HQ for most of Japan). We took a walking/bus tour of the plant and assembly line. They had some pretty cool looking SIMS in the showroom BUT for one reason or another all of them were closed! We didn’t get to try anything–kinda sad. I am trying to see if my friend’s husband can give us a tour of the Suzuki Motorcycle plant in Hamamatsu. (He actually designed the body and physical look of the ’08 Hayabusa!) If that is possible it might be fun… ;->

    Thanks for the temp link! I’ll stay updated.

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