Summer has come to Hawaii.

Oahu seascape with green sea turtle basking.

Well, it seems that Summer has come to Hawaii. No more big surf, the NE trade winds are more often “variable”, and the days are getting longer. This is perfect “beach weather” but I have been spending more time indoors. Lately, I spend time on the internet looking for the next place I want to travel to! (・3・) Most people think I am crazy for wanting to “get away” from Hawaii. But, imagine where you live your normal — day-to-day — life… It is human nature to want to get away from “teh ordinary”.

Maybe I should try to be more like this Honu (海亀,Sea Turtle). Most animals don’t worry too much about traveling to unfamiliar places (besides for mating and feeding). They do what they have to do in order to survive. I guess humans are lucky (unlucky) enough to know the difference between survival and luxury. Maybe from now on I should adopt “turtle nature” way of life! (^3^)