Star gazing on Mount Hamilton.

Image of the night sky from Mount Hamilton.
We drove a little ways up Mount Hamilton last night. It was just high enough to get a sweeping view of the valley. I didn’t really care to see the city though. I was more interested in the sky above. Light pollution was pretty harsh but you can still see the center of our galaxy. :) (And, YES, overhead utility lines suck!)

Image of the night sky from Mount Hamilton. Image of the night sky from Mount Hamilton.

5 thoughts on “Star gazing on Mount Hamilton.

  1. Mai

    Wow!!!! This is soooooo きれい!!!! I’d never been so excited about photographs of stary sky but this is beautiful! I LOVE the colors!
    And…are you in California now?

  2. Mai

    Are you in Sunnyvale? I hope you enjoy your stay! :-)
    As for the photos, do you change the color balance and saturation on PS or is it naturally like that?

  3. stk Post author

    The colors are mostly like that. When I was taking the photos, I manually adjusted the white balance in the camera to compensate for the very orange city lights. Easy way on your camera is to use “Tungsten WB”. There was still too much red in the photos so I used Photoshop to color correct that. Saturation and contrast are unchanged.

  4. Mai

    Thanks for your advice! I recently started to learn more about color temperature but I’m still not too good at it… But I’ll test as you told me when I shoot something under the similar light situation next time! ありがとー!

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