Yosemite Weekend: Day 1.

Thumbnail image of Lake Tenaya.

We spent the past weekend in and around Yosemite National Park. I was pretty young the last time my family and I visited. I was again reminded of how awesome that place is! There is a tremendous amount to see. Literally, you can spend a lifetime exploring and still not see everything! (Never mind a weekend…) New to me was the town of Lee Vining and Mono Lake. (The two food shots were eaten there.) Also spectacular! However — “more time” — was my mantra this weekend.

Our drive from Santa Clara is about 5 hours (Google maps says less than 4 but that is baloney). The distance is only about 200 miles; once you hit the twisties on CA Hwy 120/Tioga Pass: traffic and a cautious pace are what slow you down. It is a fantastic drive though, if you enjoy driving. ;)

I have too many words to describe our relatively brief experience. SO, please view my photos instead (click on the image above). I also have a gallery for, “Day 2”, coming soon. Next time we need to stay for at least a week! (Travel Buddies, you feelin me? One word: RV!) :mrgreen:

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  1. stk Post author

    Thanks dE! :) Yup, the Gull is eating flies!! Those are Alkali Flies. According to the literature I got from the Mono Lake visitor’s center: Alkali Flies and Brine Shrimp are the only macro fauna found in the lake. There are no fish or crustaceans to eat the fly larva so they hatch in the millions. I am guessing the flies are most abundant in Spring and Summer; I have no idea really.

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