Yosemite Weekend: Day 2 (final).

Thumbnail image of Camp Curry, Yosemite Valley.

Our stay in Yosemite was very short. We only spent one night in Camp Curry. We managed to get a “tent cabin” during a very busy and crowded time in the park. It was fun and reminded me of kid time summer camp (360 spherical to follow soon). Next time it is all about renting an RV OR planning far enough in advance to reserve a camp site, where we may pitch our own tent. ;)

We wanted to leave the park before “rush hour” so we did not explore too far. After breakfast we went for a leisurely walk along the Merced River. We made the short loop along Northside Drive to Southside Drive. (Please click on the image above for a brief photo gallery.) Highlight of that morning was soaking our feet in the very cold water of the Merced.

It was a relatively hectic weekend but still nice. It was a very good scouting trip for future visits. I have a ton of 360 spherical panorama’s to share — most in Yosemite but not all. Unless something better comes along, they will constitute my future blog posts for the next week or so. Please come back. :)