Yosemite Valley 360’s: 01.

Thumbnail image of Yosemite Valley entrance.

The clickable thumbnail image above will take you to a 360 spherical panorama captured in a meadow (do not know the name) at the entrance (exit) to Yosemite Valley. The two peaks visible are El Capitan (to the right CW) and Cathedral Rocks (to the left CCW). The weather was, obviously, awesome!

Thumbnail image of very large boulder in Yosemite Valley.

This 360 was captured about half a mile, from Camp Curry, into the valley. I have no idea if this boulder was dropped by the glacier or if it fell from one of the mountains. I like to think it was dropped by the glacier — it sounds more interesting. Jamie is in there for scale. Although she is standing back from the front face, so the scale is a little skewed; the boulder is still huge though. ;)