Yosemite Valley 360’s: 02 (final).

Thumbnail image of CA Hwy 120, just East of Yosemite's Lee Vining gate.

The above 360 was captured on the side of CA Hwy 120, outside of Yosemite, on the way to Lee Vining, and not too far from the gate. (Sorry for the wordy location remarks. All of my images are geotagged with GPS coord’s but I have not found an efficient nor practical way to share that with you within WordPress.) There are at least two waterfalls, that i could see, in the ravine. There was access into the valley at the bottom of the hill. Again, we needed more time to explore!

Thumbnail image of Mono Lake, South Tufa, shoreline.

Above is my favorite view of the South Tufa at Lake Mono. It is highly accessible and anyone can get to this particular spot. I just liked it because of the way the tufa close in around you. Unfortunately, you can see a lot of erosion caused by selfish and irresponsible people — it is a shame. The park service charges $3 per adult to enter but that’s not going to help repair broken tufa. :cry:

Thumbnail image of the inside of a Camp Curry, basic, tent cabin.

This last one is something of a joke: “Beware the sleeping bears!” ;) But I really wanted to capture the feel of our Camp Curry tent cabin. In hindsight, I should have done another 360 to show the outside and the rest of Camp Curry… next time. It was very comfortable. Bedding and extra blankets are provided. Each tent cabin has its own bear safe food locker. There is electricity wired up: you can plug-in to recharge or run your geek gear. Toilets and showers are separated and communal (just like kid time summer camp). :) It is not the cheapest way to camp in Yosemite Valley but it was convenient and a nice compromise.

6 thoughts on “Yosemite Valley 360’s: 02 (final).

  1. Mai

    すげー!Me and Yoshi are so curious about how you do this 360 degree photo! Show us how you do this when you come to Japan this fall. ;-)

  2. stk Post author

    あぁ,ありがとう-!舞どのは親切すぎる!! ;) I am actually, debating if I should carry this equipment with me to Japan again. I carried it with me in the Spring but never used it — ざんねん! I should have showed it to you then at the flower park… 僕が阿呆。

  3. Mai

    え、春に日本に持ってきてたんやー。知らんかった。。I was wondering how you do that with the normal camera, which must be absolutely impossible!! If you’re not planning to carry the equipment to Japan next time, no worries! Just show me when we visit Hawaii next time ;-) I guess it’s kinda hard to find a place to use it in Japan because everything is so close…

  4. Harvey Chin

    Really nice job on all three panos. Great execution on the nadir! I haven’t made it to Mono Lake yet and looks like I’m missing out. So close yet I’ve not made time to go there. Looks like you’re having a great time.

  5. stk Post author

    @ MAI = ;) Actually, I carried all over the place with me but I hardly used it. The way I shoot the 360, I have to use tripod. It is not so convenient so I did not use it much. I did use the equipment to photograph the Sakura at Hikone Castle though. Japan is rather good for this 360 technique because there are so many things close together. I really want to do a 360 in the middle of the street in front of Shibuya 109! :)

  6. stk Post author

    Thank you Harvey! Mono Lake is a pretty neat place. Honestly though, you can see “everything” in a day. One sunrise and sunset will get you all the shots you want. Next time, it is all about Bodie. I am back in Hawaii now but will be back to SJC in mid September and again for Thanksgiving. Then we are off to Japan in December — this has been an awesome year for travel! :) When are you heading off to NM? That is going to be an awesome balloon launch!!

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