No Eclipse Photo, But…

Full Moon + 1 day, 2008-02-21.

As most of you know the night of Feb. 20th, 2008, was a full Moon. It was also the last total lunar eclipse we (in America) will see until Dec. 21st, 2010. Technically, for us in Hawaii, it was only a partial lunar eclipse (we could only see the Moon leaving the umbra phase of the eclipse at Moon rise and for only about 30 minutes at best). I had spent the day out in ‘town’ photographing my usual haunts and set myself up well before sunset to try and capture what little I could. However I got a little too ambitious and rather than camp out on the eastern most shore (obvious choice to get the moon rising), I decided to be fancy and tried to frame the event over Koko Head and Maunalua Bay…what is that they say about the best laid plans of mice and men???

I have not had the chance to develop the images from Wednesday but I plan to over the weekend. In the mean time here is a quick grab shot I got of the Moon last night (2008-02-21). Its phase was “waning gibbous” (full +1 day). Captured with: Nikon D3 & Nikkor 1600mm f/11. Developed in Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended. Once again the D3’s LiveView capability allowed me to reach a new level of focusing accuracy. (This image is far more detailed than any other I have gotten in the past AND last night wasn’t even ideal “viewing” through the atmosphere!)