Wa‘ahila Ridge Hike.

Thumbnail image of shaded path on Wa‘ahila.

I joined my friend Ryan S. and the Shinnyo-en YA for a hike up Wa‘ahila. Big MAHALO to (Kristin) Adele, David, and the rest of the YA crew for organizing the event and making me feel welcome! :D (Thanks for inviting me RS!!!) I met a lot of super people, had a great time, and got some much needed exercise! I hope to see everyone again. Please click on the photo above to view a gallery of images from that day.

4 thoughts on “Wa‘ahila Ridge Hike.

  1. Mai

    Ahhh! This is super nice Scott! I love to go hiking next time I’m in Hawai’i. Recently I’m getting sick and tired of things made by human, including some designs so these activities to enjoy nature are very attractive and relaxing. Btw, if you go to Kyoto, I recommend Kurama Yama hiking, where you can see amazing tree roots!

  2. stk Post author

    @Harvey: it was an excellent day on the trail! The folks in the Shinnyoen YA are a super group. This trail is up on the top of St. Louis Heights. If you just get onto the main drive and go all the way up to the top, you will see signs pointing you to Wa`ahila. (Hehe — use Google maps. ) ;)

  3. stk Post author

    @Mai: thanks Mai!!! We can take you to many many trails in Hawaii — please hurry and return soon. ;) I think we might spend more time in Kyoto now. We are still planning but I hope we can see your parents! If the weather is ok, we will definitely go see Kurama-san.

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