Here come the bugz!

Okay, as I promised in this morning’s post, I have put together a photo gallery of some of my macro photography. As the title states, they are photos of bugs. If you hate bugs, do not view the gallery…stop here.

For the rest of us bug-lovers, I present to you ;-) :

“Backyard Safari”: Scott’s Bugz!

**Oh, wait! Before you view the gallery, I need to give you some basic info. I use Airtight Interactive’s SimpleViewer to auto generate my flash photo galleries. There are three ways to navigate in the gallery: 1) click through the thumbnails on left, 2) click on “forward” or “back” arrows (superimposed on the large images), OR 3) click through the gallery (forward or back) with your scroll wheel!!! By far the coolest aspect of SimpleViewer galleries is this one feature…scroll wheel browsing–BRILLIANT! Ok {end advertisement} please proceed to the gallery. :-) **

7 thoughts on “Here come the bugz!

  1. Yen


    your bug collection amazes and disgusts me at the same time… I want to look, but then i don’t … but when i do.. i freak the fug out.

    quite colorful geckos and chameleons you found there…

    NICE PIX !

  2. stk Post author

    YEN! Wassup man!!

    Thank you for looking at my gallery! Dude, I know you gotta have seen some pretty crazy insects over there too.

    I hope you and Amy are doing good man, thanks again for looking at my blog. I’ll try to get more bugs in the gallery! ;-)

  3. Yen

    hey scott,

    we’re doing okay here .. baby girl on the way. if you ever go japan and want to swing by guam just to see what’s up, let me know. maybe we’ll hit up a couple other micronesian islands as well… saipan (hookers), tinian (ladyboys) , palau (poisonous snakes)… who knows, it might be fun =) . heheheh

    this local coconut crab you don’t want to macro…

    i haven’t seen one yet, but i hear they’re fast and you have to baseball bat them to stun them. ya.. stun.

    shoots ! keep them photos cummin’ .

  4. dE

    yo stk, how’s it man? nice bug pix! what kind of lens were you using, or was it a macro filter? or a macro lens? man, I have some crappy hoya filter that nonetheless take crappy shots.

    hey, if you ever get stuck trying to figure out what bug is what, try this site:

    they’re a pretty friendly bunch of entomology hobbyists and are always looking for great photos.

    and if you get really bored, you can check out my whack new blog! har har

  5. stk Post author

    Hey Guys! Thanks for the comments!!

    Yen that coconut crab is RIDICULOUS!!! That IS a regular sized trash can right? I swear to god, I would totally crap myself if I saw one of those creeping up on me!

    dE, wassup man! Thank you for the link, I will use it often. I have been emailing this one entomology prof at UH for ID’s (poor guy)–he will be glad. ;-)

    Hey let me give you guys my email addy:

    dE, I am gonna write an entry on macro photography so I’ll list all my stuff there.

    Shoots–thanks again for reading guys! :-)

  6. dE

    Haha Yen! That coconut crab is nuts… but I’d be a pretty happy camper if that thing is grindz! I don’t know if I have a pot big enough for that sucker though. And then it’s to CostCo for a tub of butter.

    Oh yeah, congrats man!

    Shoots stk, can hardly wait for the macro write up. :)

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