A Week in Tokyo: Spring 2008.

Jagabee is me.Well, I am back in Hawaii. (Got back last Tuesday, actually.) I apologize to my readers who were expecting daily updates from Tokyo. The first night, I spent two hours in front of my computer–editing photos, composing content, and FTP’ing everything to my server. After I was through, it occurred to me that I had just spent two hours in front of the computer!!! Sure the blog entry was informative but at what cost? I should have spent those two hours doing more photography. SO, for the rest of my time in Tokyo, I kept that thought in the back of my head. Each time I thought about turning on my laptop and “jacking-in”, I thought twice, “Do I really need to be online now?!”

As a side note to all of you planning on traveling to Tokyo… Believe it or not, FREE WiFi internet access is very hard to come by! Narita Int. Airport charges for easy access. Supposedly you can create a Yahoo! Japan remote account to gain free Yahoo! wifi access but the process is very difficult, even for Japanese users. There are hot spots all over the city but 90% charge you a fee to logon. There are unsecured networks here and there but not on purpose — those are usually people with a wifi home network who do not know better and fail to secure it. You can risk it if you like but I have no idea what the penalties are if you get caught. On the other hand, wired broadband access in hotel rooms is almost a given in all but the cheapest hotels.

Like previous trips to Japan, this one was great! I got to re-visit many cool places, hang out with old & new friends, AND the bonus — this time — it was all done on business! One of the coolest things I did on this trip was assist Fred Lewis (of KTM Japan) on an automobile photo shoot at the Mitsubishi Studio & Warehouse near Yokohama. I mean that was THE PLACE! That is where they shoot their ads for Japan, Asia, the World even! It was an awesome and humbling experience. We got to see some trick cars and an even cooler automobile studio set! You wanna talk about lighting control??? THEY had some serious light!

Due to copyright and secrecy pacts (not to mention the contract on my soul) I cannot post any photos here. Once Fred gets the “OK” he’ll send me some stuff for personal use but I still will not be able to make those public on this blog–sorry folks! I’ll keep some in my “wallet” though, so next time I see you, ask me about it. ;-)

However, I do have a bunch of shots from Tokyo proper that I can share with y’all. A Week in Tokyo, Photo Gallery. Enjoy the photos and as always message or email me with questions or comments, Aloha!

4 thoughts on “A Week in Tokyo: Spring 2008.

  1. stk Post author

    Chee hu! Thanks sugs!! I did not shoot any HDR’s though…which one’s are you thinking of? I had a few super over exposed ones which took some RAW magic to “reign-in” but no HDR’s this time. The tilt-shift was fun but really needed a tripod and higher elevation for maximum effect.

  2. sugs

    i was looking at the day 3 shots of tokyo tower and thought it was HDR, but i guess it had more to do with timing – either way, nice shot!

  3. stk Post author

    Thanks sugs! Yeah, that was just a lucky shot. We returned to the hotel right after sunset. The timing was perfect–Ray got a couple nice ones too. The tint on the windows at the ‘Park’ helped…I think they are using some kind of polarizing thin film. Park Hotel Tokyo–FTW!!!

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