Ohisashiburi! ;)

Long time no post! :D It has been exactly 5 months! Seems like forever. I have been very busy. 2010 has proven to be an incredible year of change! The primary reason I have been so busy: I started at a new job!!! I have made the “big switch” from totally free lance, to M-F, 9-5. I have so much to say about that but the one word that keeps echoing through my head is: gratitude. I still do free lance/consulting but I am a “weekend warrior” in that regard.

I am working at the Honolulu Academy of Arts as a Digital Imaging Specialist. I love the new job and my new co-workers! It is a wonderful change: an incredible opportunity to learn new things and meet new people. I thank my lucky stars everyday for such an opportunity! :mrgreen:

Like I said, I have so much (more) to say… I will save that for another post though. I have to ease my way into blogging again — been a while so I don’t want to cramp up.

Alien skin texture on succulent cactus.

Uncle Harvey was in town again so we made sure to get out and shoot, at least once. We all wanted to see and touch the fabled Leica M9! We met up at KCC in the afternoon, just before sunset. The light wasn’t great so we just wandered around the cactus garden. Above is a link to my gallery of shots. Only a few and all black & white. That is my “new thing”: black & white. More like, back to basics. I’ve been bored with my own work in color and felt a need to relearn how to see. This will be an interesting exercise. ^_^

4 thoughts on “Ohisashiburi! ;)

  1. Mai

    Hisasibubri! Good to hear you’re enjoying your new job!! I am not enjoying my job but shooting photographs every weekend. This weekend I was back in Kyoto to shoot Gion Matsuri. I will upload some photos on my blog this weekend. :-)

  2. stk Post author

    Cool Mai! How was your trip to Taiji? Chad, Ryan, and I were waiting to hear how the journey was. OH, we saw photos of the Kamo Gawa flooding the other week!!! 皆さんはだいじょうぶか???こわいそうだったよ。O_O; I will check out your blog soon to see Gion Matsuri photos. Thank you for the message Mai!!! :mrgreen:

  3. Harvey Chin

    Scott, I just love your composition. I learn something every time I see your shots. Great series.

  4. stk Post author

    Thank you Harvey! You flatter me too much, really. :oops: I do my best to push my own boundaries each time i look through the view finder. It makes me very happy that i was able to share something new with you. ^_^

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