Downtown Lunch.

Downtown lunch with Aimee.With soaring gasoline prices, I make sure to optimize every trip into ‘town. After my business was taken care of this morning, Aimee was kind enough to join me for lunch. You gotta eat sometime–best to do it with good company. :-) On her recommendation we went to the Hawaii State Art Museum (HISAM) to eat at “Downtown”–sister eatery of “Town” on 9th Ave., in Kaimuki. Three words: FAB – YOU – LUS!

Cheese pancakes--YUM!We started with a corn ricotta pancake with “micro heirloom tomatoes”. (That is my name for them…anyone know what they really are?) This was very good! Imagine a cheese pancake, crispy on the edges with a fluffy yet gooey center. Insert sweet corn and cover with tangy & juicy (locally grown) chibi tomatoes–YUMMY! It was a crying shame that they only gave us three of them . (Sorry Aimee–I am a guy…we need our volume!) ;-)

Aimee's chicken salad.Aimee had a warm roasted chicken salad. It had all kinds of good stuff in it: baked apples, roasted walnuts with cinnamon and sugar, steamed potatoes, butter nut squash, and mixed local greens. Oh yes and I must not forget the BACON vinegrette! HOORAY BACON!!! Hahaha, it makes everything better.

My seared Ahi club.I had a seared Ahi club house. BACON!!! Hahaha, it also had a decent slice of seared Ahi, wasabi aioli, real lettuce, sweet tomatoes, and creamy avocado. This sandwich was the BOMB! Seriously, I have not had a sandwich epiphany like this for ages. As you can see I chose deep fried lotus root chips as my side. They were good but nothing could compete with the Ahi. ;-)

Ooooh Ahi! Jealous much?Here is another, closer, look at my new favorite sandwich.

Delicious food, good company, and a very hip atmosphere–everything one can hope for in a dining experience. I am stoked with Downtown @ the HISAM and cannot wait to go back again. If you want to check it out be sure to make reservations or go early, like we did. Parking is where ever you can find it. I park in Kukui Plaza but you may have your own favorite lot. I don’t mind the walk. As far as I know, Downtown (the restaurant) is open whenever the HISAM is open. They have free Wi-Fi access AND the art museum is free and open to everyone. Our State tax dollars fund the museum so it really is our duty to check it out. :-}