Doc Brown PWNZ!!!

As you all know, I am a photographer. My passion is making photographs–obviously. Since the world has moved (mostly) into the digital era, ‘doing photography’ has changed quite a bit. Since digital photos start off in such a “fluid” state (you can do just about anything with a digital image and a personal computer) the avenues of presentation are quite expansive! I am no Zen master but I do like to keep my life as simple as possible–photographic or otherwise…

Regarding my photography, this Zen approach equals the simple fact: I know what I need to know, in order to get my job done. (IE: I do not and do not want, to know, everything.) This is not new; reasons are many. But it allows me to ration my brain’s precious memory & storage. Some have more, I have less–LOL! :-D Anyways, the internet and the world wide knowledge base–stored within it–are my dreams come true!!! (Didn’t I tell you that I love the internet as much as I love photography?)

Moving on–Digital camera = personal computer = Photoshop. Yes, there are other image editors. But none–N O N E–come close to the broad reaching power of Photoshop. CS3 Extended, in particular, is RIDICULOUS…you could probably rule the world with CS3 if you were creative enough. ;-) Lightroom and Elements are great too but they are simply branches off the PS tree.

Getting back to the title of this post. Russell Brown (AKA: Photoshop cowboy, doctor, genius…GOD) has a really helpful website. It is dedicated to helping nOObs, like myself, realize the true potential of PS.

The Russell Brown Show.

His tutorials are Quicktime movies and he describes in detail, step-by-step, how to do just about anything with PS. (If you have taken every PS class known to man , this is not new information. You probably received this same information from Doc Brown–but paid for it.) Getting back to my Zen thing, I often have more questions than answers and Doc Brown’s tutorials have come to my rescue. If you have Photoshop how-to questions, I suggest you click on the link above and start watching The Russell Brown Show!