B&H Photo, FTW!

In a previous post I mentioned that B&H Photo was one of the few big name camera retailers that did not have a “true pre-order” system in place for hot new items. Well I am happy to report that, like a champ, B&H Photo has knocked that problem out! I just got an email from B&H Weborders, regarding the D700 body. Although the D700 (body only) is still not available for immediate shipping, B&H has extended their “Accepting Orders” (special order item) status to include the D700 body. “Accepting Orders” now appears where the “Out of Stock” used to and you can now “Add to Cart” and go through the usual check out process — same as special order items. For all intents and purposes, that sounds like a real pre-order registry to me! :-D And that is why B&H Photo is still tops in my book — NICE JOB B&H!!

ADDENDUM: 08-01-08, DOH!!! Ok, so apparently that “Accepting Orders” status had a limit. Today when I checked B&H, the D700 (body only) status was down graded to “Back Ordered”. You can now only register via email or place on your wish list. Shucks! :sad: