Update: 2016. 08. 17,
Still very lucky to be working at the Honolulu Museum of Art (HoMA). In addition i have been teaching the “Creative Digital Photography” class at the HoMA School for three years now. I have also made time to volunteer at 15 Craigside and Arcadia retirement communities to mentor their Photography Clubs. A hui hou!

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Update: 2012. 01. 13,
Still a freelance photographer living in Paradise; now working at the Honolulu Museum of Art.

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I was very lucky to have been born and raised in Hawaii. The beautiful weather and mild social environment made for an excellent nursery. I enjoy being outdoors: hiking, free diving, fishing & of course, photography are some of my favorite activities. I also enjoy traveling. So far, primarily to Japan & the West Coast of America. Happily, where ever my travels may take me, I can always call “Paradise” my home.

Technically, my education in photography started the day I was born. My family are serious shutterbugs! Some of my “toys” growing up had names like Kodak, Olympus, and Minolta. ;-) I got serious about photography (as a career) in college and graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

I moved to Northern California on September 1st, 2001. Ten days later…I knew I would not be there for long. After the 9/11 attacks I used my limited time and money to travel and reconnect with friends and family on the West Coast. I was living in Seattle, Washington before I returned to Hawaii. My Wanderjahr was a great experience & worth far more than the money (not) in my bank account.

After returning to Hawaii I took some odd jobs but continued on the path to making photography my career. Thanks to my Mentors, family, and friends, I am now able to continue doing what I love. Not everyone can say that… I am very fortunate. Mahalo nui to all who helped me get to this point!

My commercial experience is in magazine editorial and on-location photography. I specialize in architecture, interior design, travel, portraiture, and weddings. I am reasonably well rounded in art. I have hands on experience with ceramics, metal sculpture (large and small scale), drawing, carpentry, and web design. Photographically, i am very comfortable shooting in available, mixed, and strobe lighting situations. I primarily shoot digital however I “grew up” with film and have held on to all of my film gear. I am confident to use whichever tool is best suited to get the job done properly. If you would like to see a small selection of my commercial work please visit: scottkubo.com.

So far, much of the content on this blog is just a personal journal. All of the photos displayed here are personal project work: mental and technical experiments. I constantly think of redesign so the look and feel may change. Mahalo, thank you, for reading!

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  1. Susana Casaquit

    Hi Scott….

    remember me? met you at Christie & Tod’s wedding @3660 on the Rise? I was the wedding coordinator?

    finally got a chance to sit down this weekend, I’m officially taking some time off for the holidays, made myself take the rest of the year off from my wedding planning/coordinating job ;o)
    not sure if I told you, but I do have a regular full time job & my wedding planning/coordinating is my hobby & part time business only….. maybe like you, someday I can make it a full time business.

    anyway it was a pleasure meeting you & Elizabeth that evening, I got to check out your gallery & I am very fascinated!!! absolutely love your work! I myself also have a passion of taking architectural photography, I’ve started taking some amateur photos when I get a chance on my spare time, someday I hope to get some good tips from you ;o)

    it was a pleasure meeting you & hope I get another chance to work w/ you again in one of my event planning jobs….

    Susana Casaquit

  2. James Miura

    Hi Scott,
    Was great working with you last night for Jan and Grant’s wedding. (…) Thanks.

    Jimmy Miura

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