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In Front of CAoS.

Thumbnail image of California Academy of Sciences.

Hehe, that title sounds a lot cooler than it really is. ;) CAoS stands for: “California Academy of Sciences”. The place itself is super cool! They underwent major renovation recently and are now a model of efficient use of space, intelligent design, and down right awesomeness! If you click on the image above, it will take you to a 360 spherical panorama. It was captured at the front entrance just after closing time. A more detailed view/photo gallery of the CAoS will follow shortly. Please stay tuned. (^^)V

Yosemite Valley 360’s: 02 (final).

Thumbnail image of CA Hwy 120, just East of Yosemite's Lee Vining gate.

The above 360 was captured on the side of CA Hwy 120, outside of Yosemite, on the way to Lee Vining, and not too far from the gate. (Sorry for the wordy location remarks. All of my images are geotagged with GPS coord’s but I have not found an efficient nor practical way to share that with you within WordPress.) There are at least two waterfalls, that i could see, in the ravine. There was access into the valley at the bottom of the hill. Again, we needed more time to explore!

Thumbnail image of Mono Lake, South Tufa, shoreline.

Above is my favorite view of the South Tufa at Lake Mono. It is highly accessible and anyone can get to this particular spot. I just liked it because of the way the tufa close in around you. Unfortunately, you can see a lot of erosion caused by selfish and irresponsible people — it is a shame. The park service charges $3 per adult to enter but that’s not going to help repair broken tufa. :cry:

Thumbnail image of the inside of a Camp Curry, basic, tent cabin.

This last one is something of a joke: “Beware the sleeping bears!” ;) But I really wanted to capture the feel of our Camp Curry tent cabin. In hindsight, I should have done another 360 to show the outside and the rest of Camp Curry… next time. It was very comfortable. Bedding and extra blankets are provided. Each tent cabin has its own bear safe food locker. There is electricity wired up: you can plug-in to recharge or run your geek gear. Toilets and showers are separated and communal (just like kid time summer camp). :) It is not the cheapest way to camp in Yosemite Valley but it was convenient and a nice compromise.

Yosemite Valley 360’s: 01.

Thumbnail image of Yosemite Valley entrance.

The clickable thumbnail image above will take you to a 360 spherical panorama captured in a meadow (do not know the name) at the entrance (exit) to Yosemite Valley. The two peaks visible are El Capitan (to the right CW) and Cathedral Rocks (to the left CCW). The weather was, obviously, awesome!

Thumbnail image of very large boulder in Yosemite Valley.

This 360 was captured about half a mile, from Camp Curry, into the valley. I have no idea if this boulder was dropped by the glacier or if it fell from one of the mountains. I like to think it was dropped by the glacier — it sounds more interesting. Jamie is in there for scale. Although she is standing back from the front face, so the scale is a little skewed; the boulder is still huge though. ;)

Enjoying the Oahu Sights at Night.

Thumbnail image of white truck under starry sky.

I was out photo haunting, again, last night: near Sandy Beach, on the SE side of Oahu. I got this 360 pano’ at the scenic point closest to the firing range. I did several of these but decided to show this one. (Click on the image above to view the 360 pano’ in Flash.) I have already thought of several improvements and hope to implement them sooner than later. ;) Enjoy and please come back again soon.