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Makapuu w/ the guys.

Lighthouse thumbnail.
Another month, another post… LOL! That seems to be my track record for the last two months. ;) As promised: I am sharing another photo-walk gallery. This one from our, “almost defunct due to rain”, walk up the Makapuu Lighthouse road. The original plan was to wander around inside of Koko Head crater then make our way up to higher ground for the sunset. Mother Nature had other plans. The wind was already gusting and just as we pulled up to the parking area the rain started. We sat there for a few minutes and finally said, “forget it”.

Since we were already out there, I figured we should at least drive to the Makapuu look-out and see. Good thing! The weather steered clear of the Point and that is how we wound up on the Lighthouse road. That new parking lot is very nice! (One of the few things I feel good about paying tax money for.) There were a lot of people coming down, as we headed up, so the weather must have been good there for at least an hour or two before we got there. Localized weather — go figure!

I got a couple of “strays” at the end of the gallery. Tried to make it up Roundtop Drive for the sunset but failed. Still, it was pretty and I did get a tilt-shift miniature (using Nikkor 85mm TS-E) of Les Murakami Stadium.

Anyhow, it turned out to be a good afternoon. A couple of us got to shake down new equipment and all of us got some fun shots! My next entry (next month?) will be: another visit to Kaena Point Natural Area Reserve. (See my permanent Photo Gallery for photos of a previous visit.)

Mahalo, thank you, for reading! (^^)V