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In Front of CAoS.

Thumbnail image of California Academy of Sciences.

Hehe, that title sounds a lot cooler than it really is. ;) CAoS stands for: “California Academy of Sciences”. The place itself is super cool! They underwent major renovation recently and are now a model of efficient use of space, intelligent design, and down right awesomeness! If you click on the image above, it will take you to a 360 spherical panorama. It was captured at the front entrance just after closing time. A more detailed view/photo gallery of the CAoS will follow shortly. Please stay tuned. (^^)V

A Stroll Through Golden Gate Park.

Thumbnail image in front of CAoS.

My last Saturday, in California, was spent at Golden Gate Park. I believe the area I was in was specifically called the San Francisco Botanical Gardens. (Not absolutely sure about that though.) The fog rolled in that morning: it was gray, a little chilly — “typical” SF weather (I am told). Definitely not, “lay in the grass and nap”, kind of weather. It was good for photographing colorful plants though. Direct sunlight is actually really bad for vividly saturated colors. More precisely: digital (and analog to a smaller extent) color channels tend to “blow out” much more easily in direct light. Please click the above thumbnail to view the brief photo gallery.

I did more walking than shooting, that day. I wasn’t “in the mood”. It was fun following the Humming Birds though. Once I figured out which calls were theirs, it was pretty easy to figure out where they were / would be. Getting my focus was another story however.

The California Academy of Sciences (CAoS) was a mad house that day! The front of the building was as close as I dared get. (Plus I waited till closing time.) ;) I have a 360 pano to follow up this post. Please keep an eye out for it.