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Lick Observatory.

Thumbnail image of Lick Observatory.

I went the distance today and drove the rest of the way up Mount Hamilton. Well, at least up to the Lick Observatory. The road was very winding: lots of switch backs. According to the curator of the Observatory gift shop, there are more than 600 turns! Not sure if that is one way or two but it was a ‘frikken’ lot!! I saw a bunch of motorcyclists and (believe it or not) more than a few bicyclists — amazing. The Observatory is a little more than 4,000 feet above sea level. The view is quite nice but not spectacular. Apparently, the original dome and 36″ refracting telescope were built as a legacy project for Mr. James Lick. He wanted it to be seen by everyone in town. The unfortunate side effect is sub-prime telescope observing due to light pollution from the Santa Clara Valley, only 4K feet, below. It was a very nice drive and neat learning experience. (Please click on the image above to view a small image gallery.) :)