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Olomana Trail.

Beginning the Olomana ascent.“K” wanted to hike Olomana while here on vacation. None of us had been there yet. It was tougher than we expected but all of us made it to the first peak and back, without serious injury. Very good times! :-D

In hindsight it might have been better to start our hike earlier. We got to the trailhead just after 09:00. Many were already there and more than a few passed us on their way back down. Aside from Diamond Head Crater and maybe Makapuu Lighthouse, this was the busiest hike i have been on so far. We had to wait in line at the technical parts of the hike. “Feels like we’re at Disneyland or something…”, was the common sentiment.

Patience and courtesy are just as valuable as water and good shoes.

We took our time and got to the summit of the first peak at 11:30 (2.5H). We stopped there for a bit and enjoyed a snack before heading back down. But there are three peaks in all. From what i could see: second peak is relatively easy to get to and is at a lower elevation than first and third. Its actually lower elevation than first peak but third peak looks nuts! (And it is!!) Its a very steep rock climb all the way to it’s summit. Getting up there is one thing; getting back down is another… Continue reading

West side to Kaena.

Rocky beach on the way to Kaena Pt.

Happy 2012! Good grief: its been over a year since i last wrote in my blog! (Lots to catch up on and improve.) During the holiday we took a short hike to Kaena Point. We started from the West side this time. Very different scenery compared to the Mokuleia route but no less beautiful. The shoreline is much more rocky and dramatic (if that is the right word). I wanted to travel light so i left the photo gear at home and only carried my Galaxy Note. It is simply amazing to see what this thing can do in the field! I whole heartedly believe that the “death of the P&S camera” is well under way. The following panorama photos were also captured using the Galaxy Note. Its definitely not the best panorama capture tool i have used but i am impressed, considering its my “phone”!

Another rocky beach and The Arch.

I had no idea that we had these natural arches on Oahu. We used to fish on the West side a lot but i never took the time to survey the shoreline. Shame on me.

From the dunes: the big tide pools at Kaena Point.

There were a lot of people out there. There were two Hawaiian Monk Seals in the middle of the tide pools as well. Thankfully everyone paid their respect and kept their distance. I’m sorry you can’t see them in my photos here: no telephoto lens on me. ;-)

More tide pools, looking North East.

Such an awesome place: I can’t wait to go back again!

Kakaako, Winter, Sunset.

I am still going through my photos from NorCal (20 gigs worth!) so here is a “Kakaako Quickie” gallery of images that I got the other day, after work. Please click the thumbnail image to view the simpleviewer gallery.

I had a shoot on board the “Ala Kai”, Hawaii’s inter island Super Ferry. The shoot ran longer than I planned. So, I decided to stay “in town”, rather than fight the 4PM traffic to go home. Best idea I have had in a long time!

I made my way over to Jamba Juice, Ward. I ordered my usual “Orange Dream w/ energy boost”, sat down, and relaxed in air conditioned comfort — not bad for 5 bucks (cost of my smoothie). Oh yeah, they have WiFi access too! ;~) (Actually, it originates from Starbucks’ AT&T mobile hotspot.) It is not free but there are ways. If you have a compatible WiFi NIC, the RoadRunner Speedzone is also available (anyone with a circa 2006 Broadcomm mobile wireless NIC — like me — is out of luck).

About an hour before sunset I crossed the street and began my short photo exploration of Kakaako Waterfront Park. That “ground snorkel” is meant to release any gaseous build up due to the decomposing garbage which lay below the rolling green hills of the park — oh you didn’t know? Kakaako Waterfront Park is built on a garbage dump — landfill, as they like to call it. I’m not “dissing” the place. I think that is an awesome reclamation of an otherwise stinky dump! But I thought I would mention it, for those who may be wondering.

I eventually parked my butt on the break wall, just Ewa of Point Panic. The colors of the sunset were pretty awesome that night. Afterward, I met up with the guys and we had dinner at Goma-ichi Ramen. Their Wakame, Tan Tan Men, hit the spot! (Sorry no photos — too busy eating.) ;) What would have been a normal work day / frustrating commute, turned out to be an excellent experience of nature’s colors and good food. We should all learn to fight traffic, in this way. :-D

Makapuu w/ the guys.

Lighthouse thumbnail.
Another month, another post… LOL! That seems to be my track record for the last two months. ;) As promised: I am sharing another photo-walk gallery. This one from our, “almost defunct due to rain”, walk up the Makapuu Lighthouse road. The original plan was to wander around inside of Koko Head crater then make our way up to higher ground for the sunset. Mother Nature had other plans. The wind was already gusting and just as we pulled up to the parking area the rain started. We sat there for a few minutes and finally said, “forget it”.

Since we were already out there, I figured we should at least drive to the Makapuu look-out and see. Good thing! The weather steered clear of the Point and that is how we wound up on the Lighthouse road. That new parking lot is very nice! (One of the few things I feel good about paying tax money for.) There were a lot of people coming down, as we headed up, so the weather must have been good there for at least an hour or two before we got there. Localized weather — go figure!

I got a couple of “strays” at the end of the gallery. Tried to make it up Roundtop Drive for the sunset but failed. Still, it was pretty and I did get a tilt-shift miniature (using Nikkor 85mm TS-E) of Les Murakami Stadium.

Anyhow, it turned out to be a good afternoon. A couple of us got to shake down new equipment and all of us got some fun shots! My next entry (next month?) will be: another visit to Kaena Point Natural Area Reserve. (See my permanent Photo Gallery for photos of a previous visit.)

Mahalo, thank you, for reading! (^^)V

Waikiki: night walk.

Link to Waikiki photo gallery.
Hey everyone! It sure has been a while since I last wrote in my blog. Recently, I have simply avoided the computer — unless it was absolutely necessary. It is like a blackhole, time and space get sucked in and only God knows what is on the other side. :-P

A wonderful side effect of my computer avoidance has been a new found wealth of time — to get out and do some photography. “The Guys” and I have been on three very cool photo walks in the last month! I just posted some pics from our most recent walk through Waikiki, at night. Please click on the photo link on the left to view the gallery in SimpleViewer. Actually there is a lot more in the gallery than just Waikiki. I drove into town early to avoid traffic. So, to kill some time, before meeting with the guys, I stopped at KCC. The cactus garden there is a very nice place to photograph. In addition to the interesting plant life, the bromeliad patch is infested (in a good way) with Phelsuma laticauda or the Gold Dust Day Gecko.

Enjoy this gallery and I’ll write again (eventually) with more galleries and QTVR’s from two more photo walks. Aloha! ;)