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Waikiki: night walk.

Link to Waikiki photo gallery.
Hey everyone! It sure has been a while since I last wrote in my blog. Recently, I have simply avoided the computer — unless it was absolutely necessary. It is like a blackhole, time and space get sucked in and only God knows what is on the other side. :-P

A wonderful side effect of my computer avoidance has been a new found wealth of time — to get out and do some photography. “The Guys” and I have been on three very cool photo walks in the last month! I just posted some pics from our most recent walk through Waikiki, at night. Please click on the photo link on the left to view the gallery in SimpleViewer. Actually there is a lot more in the gallery than just Waikiki. I drove into town early to avoid traffic. So, to kill some time, before meeting with the guys, I stopped at KCC. The cactus garden there is a very nice place to photograph. In addition to the interesting plant life, the bromeliad patch is infested (in a good way) with Phelsuma laticauda or the Gold Dust Day Gecko.

Enjoy this gallery and I’ll write again (eventually) with more galleries and QTVR’s from two more photo walks. Aloha! ;)

D700 does KCC cacti.

Link to KCC cactus gallery.
About a week ago, I had some time to kill and stopped at Kapiolani Community College. (For no other reason than to turn off my car and conserve gasoline.) :mrgreen: But I had the D700 with me so I decided to take a walk through the cactus garden and find some shots. If you click on the “Pokey” thumbnail –@ left– it will take you to a very small gallery of images.

I have made it a habit to carry the D700 with me every where. As a result: I am learning to love my old prime lenses all over again. My favorite lens recently is the Nikkor AF-D 35mm f/2. All of the images from the cactus garden were made with that lens. With an FX sensor it is just wide enough to get in comfy-close but also a good “70mm tele” in cropped mode. So far, I have not been in a situation where I was terribly upset about my chosen focal range. If Nikon were to update the 35mm f/1.4 AIS to an auto focus version (with AF-D 28mm f/1.4 IQ) –I’d definitely buy one. *fingers crossed!* ;)

Foster Gardens: more images.

Click to view FBG image gallery.
Mahalo for the personal comments on my Foster Gardens QTVR guys! For those interested, I went through and grabbed a few more images out of the shoot folder and put together a SimpleViewer gallery. Please click on the thumbnail (at left) to view it.

We have a bunch of weddings this week so I will not be posting for a while. I am sure I will have lots to write about once we are done though. Reminder: Olympic opening ceremonies begin on 08-08-08 (Friday). Keep your eyes peeled –the athletes are cool but prototype cameras and lenses are way more fun for those of us not competing! ;)

Fisheye View: Hanauma Bay.

Click to view photo gallery.
Friends from Oregon are visiting for “summer vacation”. So last week Friday we all went to Hanauma Bay to do some snorkeling free diving. The weather was perfect! When we first entered, the water conditions were really bad (too many people kicking up the muck–detritus.) But once I got past the “flats” of the first reef, the water turned crystal! No strong currents that day made for an easy swim too.

I brought the famous “Taro Pascual Housing” with me and managed to get a few keepers. (Click on the thumbnail above to view the gallery.) The ‘Omilu’s (Bluefin Trevally or Caranx melampygus) were out in force that day. I believe Summer is their spawning season. I saw two different schools–one, full of mature adults: 1 bull male + 3 females and another with 4 sub adults: sex = unknown. There was one “ronin” way inside–stalking the schools of Mullets, Ahole’s, and Weke’s. You could tell immediately by the scratches on it’s body. Some high speed charges into the shallows will do that. It is amazing what you can learn about these large predatory fish by simply observing them. I gotta admit: there is something extra satisfying about shooting these guys with a camera instead of a ‘gun. ;)