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Mars rounds Polaris.

Star trails at night.

The sky was very clear the other night, perfect for star trails! Mars is the very bright streak on the right side of the above photo. I got really lucky with this first image! In the upper left corner you can barely see three faint streaks running perpendicular to the stars. I am not sure exactly what they are but they took approximately 90 seconds to travel the recorded paths. (Maybe iridium flares from orbiting satellites?) Below you can see Polaris at the center of the star trails. It looks like a stationary point but it is not true celestial North so there is a little bit of wobble.

Polaris and star trail rings.

Happy New Year.

Oahu night sky: South.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season! “Twenty ten”, that sounds nice. :) I enjoyed the movie. Let us hope that this reality will be just as good. ;)

I’ve been playing catch up for the last 30, or so, days. I have way too many photos to sort through… (-3-) I am most excited to go through those from our last trip to Japan. That is my, “dangling carrot”. (I am working towards that.) Please be patient, there will be a bunch of galleries in the near future. In the mean time, check out Chad’s Flickr. He has his latest photo selections, from Japan, online. (I gotta lose weight!) (~3~;)

I wish everyone the best for 2010! Aloha!!